EDELRID Fraggle II Children's Climbing Harness Review

EDELRID Fraggle II Children’s Climbing Harness Review

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EDELRID Fraggle II Children’s Climbing Harness: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Full body harness
  • Second loop on the back
  • Non-twist and tangle

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Up to 5 years only
  • Max weight 40 kg

Some people are born adrenalin junkies and have a hunger to experience any extreme sport or activity. Some kids are exposed to activities such as rock climbing from a very young age and just can’t wait to try it. The problem is that safety equipment and equipment, in general, that will suit young children is hard to come by.

The result is that either they just can’t do it, or parents are left to find creative and often unsafe ways to involve their kids in these activities, that was until the Edelrid started manufacturing the children’s climbing harness.

EDELRID Fraggle II Children’s Climbing Harness Review

EDELRID - Fraggle II, Children's Safety Climbing Harness

Edelrid was founded in 1863 and in 1953, they invented the kernmantle rope and started taking the climbing world by storm. Over the years they have continued to be innovators and leaders in the field with many inventions and some fantastic new products such as the Fraggle II children climbing harness.

Who is this product for?

For all parents who have children with a sense of adventure that want to try the sport of rock climbing, the Fraggle II should be your first option. Available in XXS and XS and is suitable for kids up to 88 lbs., children as young as 10 months old have safely used this harness. If you do a lot of hiking that may involve some small climbs, this harness will also take a lot of strain off you to get your child up or down.

What’s included?

The package arrives with one full body harness that is fully assembled and ready to be used immediately. There are no extras included and as it is one complete unit there are no tools or assembly required.

Overview of features

When it comes to kids, the full body harness always works best as it allows them to move freely with absolute comfort. The full body harness helps in holding the child’s shoulders and legs secure, and prevents injury during a fall.

At the back of the harness, it has a second loop; this comes in very handy when kids can climb on their own but are too light and get stuck on the way down as it allows you to lower them down. Available in XXS and XS and is suitable for kids up to 88 lbs. The XXS has a waist of 15.7-19.7 inches and a max leg loop of 14.6 inches. The XS has a waist of 19.7-25.6 inches and a max leg loop of 18.9 inches

The entire harness is fully padded for maximum comfort and stability. The tape loops cannot twist so it is easy for kids to put it on themselves and it is easily adjustable with the two buckles, so you can ensure that it is fitted perfectly. The climbing harness only weighs 300 g, so it is light enough for kids to wear without weighing them down.

The full-body climbing harness can take up to 40 kg. The bright colors of the harness make it very attractive and kids love it. It is quite pricey and more or less in line with the adult harness prices, however, you can’t put a price on your child’s safety.

How to use the most out of it

The Edelrid Fraggle II is very easy for kids to put on even by themselves. It features two leg loops which aren’t adjustable and two arm loops with two buckles to adjust the size; the one buckle is situated in the front and the other one is on the backside. A buckle closes the harness below the tie-in loop. It is as easy as stepping into it. Before heading to the rocky outcrops, it may be a good idea to get your child used to wearing it around the house. Another good idea is to perhaps take them to the park to get the feel of it playing on the jungle gym.

Keeping the climbing harness clean is very important and will prolong its lifespan; wipe with a soft damp cloth or if very dirty use lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean it. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


As the Fraggle II will only fit kids up to approximately 5 years old you may want to look at the Mad Rock Mars climbing package for your older children. It is affordable and comes complete with a chalk bag and other accessories.


If you and your family are avid climbers or even just extreme hikers, you will not be disappointed in the Fraggle II. It’s strong, durable and extremely comfortable. Your child will get used to the feel of it very quickly and soon be as in love with climbing as you are.

From 10 months to 5 years old your child will be perfectly safe during the climb. This is the children’s harness you have been looking for so your child can experience the joys of climbing safely.

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