Klein Tools Tree Climbing Kit Review

Klein Tools Tree Climbing Kit Review

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Klein Tools Tree Climbing Kit: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • High-quality materials
  • Extra-long gaffs
  • Adjustable

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Needs harness
  • Needs tree strap

For tree climbers, the most important piece of equipment is their climbing kit. Many pole or tree climbers, after years of climbing, tend to become complacent and instead of looking for the best safety equipment for them, they look at the price and opt for the cheapest one available.

This is not a great way to choose the best climbing harness or kit for you; while the price is important, it should not be the deciding factor when purchasing a harness. Strength, safety, and comfort should be the most important factor as you will be spending most of your day in the harness.

Klein Tools Tree Climbing Kit Review

Tree Climber Set, Includes Cushioned Pads, Straps, Leg Irons, Stirrups, Gaff Hooks Klein Tools CN1907ARL

Klein Tools is an American hand tool manufacturer that has been manufacturing top quality tools and equipment since 1857. They pride themselves on the quality of their tools and equipment and this tree climbing kit is no exception. It is a well-designed, well-made, top-of-the range tree-climbing kit that is made using only high-quality materials.

Who is this product for?

This tree-climbing kit is excellent for all tree climbers from beginners to professionals, but it is not recommended for children. It is great for tree pruning, coconut tree climbing, palm trimming and basically any tree climbing you can think of. It is not for mountain or wall climbing.

When used together with a tree strap and safety harness it will provide you ultimate protection, so you can go about your day with total peace of mind.

What’s included?

Klein’s Tree Climber set includes the pads, straps, leg irons, stirrups and 2-3/4″ gaffs. It is not a necessity, but it is advised that you have a decent pair of boots as well as a full body harness and a tree strap which are not included in this purchase. Screwdrivers and any other tools needed for the assembly are not included.

Overview of features

The 8-Inch x 8-Inch (203 mm x 203 mm) cushioned, high-grade leather climber pads have been designed to ensure maximum comfort for the climber. The gaffs have been made extra-long to ensure maximum penetration when climbing to help avoid slipping and falling. The climbers are adjustable between 17” (431.8 mm) to 21” (533.4 mm) which is great if you are buying for more than one person to use the same set of climbers.

It has a secure sleeve and legs iron connection which uses two slotted hex-head bolts with lock washers and barrel-type nuts to join the steel sleeve and leg iron together, and a steel split ring which secures the ankle strap in place, this also allows for quick replacement. The nylon straps are neoprene-impregnated to make them extra strong and prolong the lifetime.

The extra wide 113 mm stirrups together with the contoured leg irons provide greater foot support and comfort. All parts are replaceable and easily obtainable. The recommended combined body, clothing, and tool weight is 300 lbs. or less.

How to use the most out of it

When you are ready to get started start assembling the kit together, assemble the climbers, step into them and adjust the fitting to your requirements and secure with the screws. You then need to assemble the ankle straps; some already come assembled which will save you some time. Once you have everything assembled, check for any signs of weakness or deterioration. For safety reasons, it is best to use a full-body harness as well to prevent you from falling.

Check that all belts and buckles are secure. Once your climbers are ready it is time to test them on the tree; remember that all trees are different, and some are hardier than others so you should test the penetration before starting to climb. Always keeping your harness clean, and correct treatment of the leather will prolong the life of your climbers.


While the Xben safety belt doesn’t have gaffs to assist in the climb it is a cheaper option to keep you safe once you are up in the tree. The Xben safety belt is also affordable enough to use together with Klein tree climber set; as the tree climber set has no harness you will need to use it with another harness for that extra safety.


The Klein tree climber set is one of the best in its class and is manufactured by a respected company that is known for its high-quality products. With this tree climber, you are paying for what you get, as quality doesn’t come cheap.

Tree and pole climbers have been using this tree climber set since 1857 so you can rest assured that they have perfected it by now. Whether you are looking for a climber set for everyday work purposes or for the odd tree pruning over the weekend the Klein Tree Climbing Kit comes highly recommended.

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